For important works of art, antiques & collections selling by auction has been a traditional method of disposal.  

Interest can be generated by extensive & focused advertising. However, there are charges to pay, which include:

  • sellers commission, normally 15%-25%,
  • carriage,
  • insurance,
  • photography,
  • no sale fees,
  • storage etc

A further charge (buyer’s premium) is charged to the buyer, normally 10%-15%, and can be 30% charged by some of the major auction rooms. This influences the final price that the buyer is prepared to pay.

In effect this means that you as the seller may only receive an average of 50% of the proceeds that the buyer has actually paid to the auctioneer. Less of course VAT @ 20% which you will also pay.


Selling by Private treaty really is as simple as it sounds.

A price agreed between the Vendor and the buyer without any further delay or charges.

If you have made a decision to sell we recommend that you invite offers or valuations and then ring me last.

If your item or collection is of interest to me I will willingly pay


more than any previous offer

or bona-fide valuation

Payment will be discrete and immediate, with cash, cheque or bank transfer to suit.


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